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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl 7"

It's been a while since there's been anything distinctively shoegaze posted, so this fills that void. Trailer Trash Tracys sounds like they have stepped directly out of the early '90s - distorted guitar riffs, pretty vocals and an all round hazy sound. Also included is their song "Stranging Good Guys" from the No Pain In Pop Compilation.
Buy the single here.

No Pain In Pop, 2009
1. Candy Girl
2. You Wish You Were Red
3. Strangling Good Guys

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reading Rainbow - Songs To Sing To

'Songs To Sing To' is a dreamy little collection of noisy, sun soaked melodies. Like Wavves with more charm. Or a friendlier No Age. Each of the 60 copies of this CD have sold out, but order their latest LP, 'Mystical Participation' here.

Self-released, 2009
1. The Sun is Out
2. A Life To Find
3. In The City
4. Totem Pole
5. I Will Follow You
6. We Are Too Young
7. Great Sky Bear [Keys]
8. Be My Sunrise
9. Animals Take Control OF Me
10. Oh Deer Lord
11. Great Sky Bear [Strings]
12. Where My Body's Found
13. Feral Kids
14. New Safety
15. I Will Wait

Sample the Album

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beach Fossils - [Various]

Sure, it may seem to follow this whole tropical-lofi-pop trend that's emerged this year, but this stuff is gold. These songs radiate pure joy. Like that of Real Estate, Ducktails, etc., Beach Fossils' music is heavily string based, favours delicate vocals, and is bathed in reverberation. This should tide you over until the release of his debut on Woodsist.
1. Vacation
2. Lazy Day
3. Daydream

Sample the mix

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

REPOST: Thought Creature - Teleport Palace

REPOST: Just 'cause they've been rocking my socks lately.

"Something to check out if you're keen on the sound of surf psychedelia. The debut album from New Zealand three piece, Thought Creature.

Involve, 2008
1. Words Can't Save You
2. Kamakaze TV
3. Shake About
4. Plastic Fantastic
5. Went To A Party
6. One Day I Turned Into A Spider
7. Your Telepathy
8. Swamp Babe
9. Winter Is Over...
10. Favourite New Machine
11. Ice Scream Ice Queen
12. Picnic With The Bears"

Monday, August 17, 2009

White Mystery - Powerglove 7"

Fresh from the oven over at the HoZac Hookup Klub, this single is 1 of 3 7"s from the second batch in the series. This one in particular stood out to me due to it's contrasting grittyness and poppy goodness. It can easily be likened to The Bitters, Pens, or most girl-fronted noise pop bands, really. I've got my fingers crossed for a lot more future releases from this band, very cool.
HoZac, 2009
1. Powerglove
2. Aaron
3. Ye Olde Stone

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Rantouls - The Songs Of The Frontier Villagers 7"

Yet another recent release from The Rantouls. The Band stick to their '60s influenced bubblegum/rock n' roll style that has won you over before.
Self-Released, 2009
1. Little Dune Buggy
2. Still 16

Thursday, June 4, 2009

King Tuff - Was Dead

This record caught my attention through a recent reissue on cassette (Burger Records). Such an awesome album. At times, King Tuff reminds me of Nobunny. The two share an upbeat rock n' roll style and similar vocals. The tracks vary between slower, more blues rock songs and fast-paced songs with intense rock n' roll riffs.
The Colonel, 2008
1. Dancing On You
2. Connection
3. Sun Medallion
4. Lazerbeam
5. Lady
6. A Pretty Dress
7. Ruthie Ruthie
8. Just Strut
9. Kind Of Guy
10. Freak When I'm Dead
11. Animal
12. Stone Fox
13. So Desperate

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Rantouls - Little Green Hat 7"

Hot off the press, a brand new single from bubblegum rock n' rollers, The Rantouls. Worth your pocket money for sure. Buy it here.
Chocolate Covered Records, 2009
1. Little Green Hat
2. Little Bit Of This

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nerve City. - I Fucked Death.

This is the latest from lo-fi bedroom pop act, Nerve City. It's a great release, full of all the melodic gloom from previous releases, but I think the Catholic School cassette remains a personal favourite. You can still pick up a copy of the very limited (500 only) 10" from Kill Shaman.
Kill Shaman, 2009
1. Patience As a Virtue
2. Colorblind
3. CCrawLL
4. Saved
5. Missing Persons
6. Keep Me Around

See Also: Nerve City - Catholic School cs

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons 1992-96

The Summer Hits appeared and then disappeared from the Californian music scene before they really had a chance to make an impact. The album consists of sun-soaked shoegazy pop with a sound reminiscent of The Clean's DIY sound.
Christmas Records, 1996
1. Stony Creation
2. Honey Machine
3. Preference
4. Groovier Drugs
5. California Summer
6. Maximum Bum Ride
7. Away From The City
8. Modern Cinema
9. Beaches And Canyons
10. Sandy Hair
12. Thin
13. Laetitia
14. Lift Off
15. Spanish Films
16. Moto-Guzzi
17. Carmel Feelin'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fantastic Magic - Witch Choir

Before Wavves, Nathan Williams dwelled in the more mellow, droney sound which he projected into the music of Fantastic Magic. This band's sound is total tropical psych pop. Surprisingly, you can still buy their 2008 7" here.
Abandon Ship Records, 2008
1. Fox Wedding
2. Flowerbeds
3. Wizard Earthsea
4. Balloons
5. I've Covered The Halls, With Glitter And Awe
6. Gazi Tiger
7. Etains Whirlwind
8. Moat Island
9. Gospel Of The Witches
10. Jam & Yima

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black Vatican - Zed Omega

A great little pop record. Featuring an assortment of cheery pop songs buried under fuzz and hollow drumbeats.
Night people Records, 2007
1. Born to Live Life
2. Hey Do It
3. Dream Jogger
4. Tetedemort Stations
5. Now you've Been Told
6. Sinsinawahwah
7. I Don't Wanna Fight
8. Carlos Carlos and Carlos
9. Touch Teacher
10. Song of Mice Elf
11. magic Is...
12. Beautiful Reformer

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Intelligence - Fake Surfers

This album looks to be a promising contender for one of 2009's best. The LP keeps interest with a variety of sounds and genres explored. It starts with an almost droney psychedelic sound - twangy guitars with vocals bobbing beneath the surface. It then moves through a mix of super catchy distorted pop, retro surf pop and lo-fi garage punk. Not boring or repetitive in the slightest. 100% recommended. Look out for this on In The Red later this month.
In The Red, 2009
1. Fake Surfers
2. Moody Tower
3. Debt & ESP
4. St. Bartholemew
5. I Hear Depression
6. Warm Transfers
7. Fuck Eat Skull
8. Universal Babysitter
9. Thank You God For Fixing The Tape
10. Pony People
11. Singles Barg
12. The Unessential Cosmic Perspectiv

The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8

The 8th installment of The World's Lousy presents itself as a 12", and it contains all of your favourite artists! Seriously, this volume is like a who's who of the scene's best talent. Vivian Girls, Times New Viking, Thee Oh Sees + more each lend an original, unreleased track. Grab this one while it's still sitting on the shelves, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't.
Almost Ready Records, 2009
1. Vivian Girls - Lake House
2. Blank Dogs - Ages Ago
3. Times New Viking - A Lot Of Pai
4. Intelligence - The Beetles
5. Guinea Worms - Soiled Sender
6. Sic Alps - Strepix
7. Thee Oh Sees - Shwag Rifles
8. Tyvek - Flowers
9. Pink Reason - Going Home

-Link removed at label's request-

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Pop Song 7"

Goodbye Boozy's latest release - a collaboration between Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin (of Charlie & The Moonhearts). Individually, the artists tend to have a harsh garage rock style, both incorporating some rock 'n roll and surf elements. This is basically what you can expect to hear on this brief record. Oh, and this isn't just a split record, the two have actually collaborated to create 3 original tunes.
Goodbye Boozy, 2009
1. Pop Song
2. So, I Went To Beach, Melody
3. Kit Carson

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bitters - Wooden Glove EP

Captured tracks is, without a doubt, the record label to watch in '09. With a string of solid releases in it's wake (+ plenty of promising ones in the future), one of the label's latest is from Canadian popsters, The Bitters. Plenty of guitar fuzz and fun melodies to bop to. Buy Wooden Glove, (and other CT releases) here.
Captured Tracks, 2009
1. Warrior
2. Can You Keep A Secret
3. Princess
4. Caves

Real Estate - Atlantic City Expressway [Tour CDR]

Real Estate is a great tropical pop/psychedelic group involving Matt Mondanile of the very similar sounding project, Ducktails. Really great chilled out tropical pop tunes. Real Estate currently have a single out on Underwater Peoples. Look out for upcoming releases on Woodsist, Mexican Summer and Half Machine Records.
Self-Released, 2009
1. Atlantic City
2. Beach Comber
3. Pool Swimmers
4. Suburban Dogs
5. Saturday Morning

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Suncharms - Tranquil Day EP

Tranquil Day is the second EP released from Sheffield shoegazers, The Suncharms. They seemed to just disappear after this second and final official release of theirs, but their music still ranks highly amoungst shoegaze fans. The Ep, once again, consists of fuzzy pop melodies wrapped in sugar-coated melancholy.
Wilde Club, 1991
1. Tranquil Day
2. Wash Away
3. She Feels
4. Space Ship

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jerkwave Tapes' "Summer of Psychedelics Tape Brigade 2009"

Last week, Jerkwave Tapes announced a cassette club to feature a smorgasbord of mind-warping psychedelia, at bargain prices too! Included are 7 main tapes by 7 artists + 3 bonus tapes + extra goodies.

Artists include:

Limited to 75 memberships.

US $30.00
Canada $40.00
International $50.00

Go here for details.

Jeans Wilder

Jeans Wilder is the project of San Diego's Andrew Caddick. From the 3 tracks that I managed to scrape together, the music seems to fit a gloomy yet pleasant lo-fi pop description. The vocals, calm and muffled, echo over plucked strings and bouncing synths. Jeans Wilder currently has a cassette out on Night-People with more releases expected in the near future. Someone to keep your eye on for sure.
1. Mosquito
2. International Waters
3. Tough Guys

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Hobbits - Down To Middle Earth

The Hobbits were a New York-based psych folk outfit during the '60s. Their album "Down To middle Earth" offers sunshine pop melodies with psychedelic elements. "Daffodil Days" is a real standout.
Decca Records, 1967
1. Down To Middle Earth
2. I'm Just a Young Man
3. Daffodil Days
4. Break Away
5. Treats
6. Hands and Knees
7. Let Me Run My Fingers Through Your mind
8. Out Of My Mind
9. Clap Hands 'Til Daddy Comes Home
10. Sunny Day Girl

Thee Almighty Handclaps! - Works Okay 7"

The second 7" from Thee Almighty Handclaps. The 7" features much of the same thumping garage pop/rock 'n roll tunes as their previous.
Goodbye Boozy Records, 2008
1. Works Okay
2. Walkin' Out

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nerve City. - Catholic School

Nerve City. play their own brand of acoustic based lo-fi pop. The band use some experimental sounds and incorporate elements of surf and folk into their songs, even hints of blues rock can be heard. The cassette is amazing, the band really demonstrate a variety of sounds on the release.
Amateur Depression Records, 2007
1. Junkyard
2. The Creek
3. Disaster
4. Riverboat
5. Dogs

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Cobras - Make Pyramids

A solid display of hyped up garage rock/pop. The vocals echo among roughed up guitars with psychedelic undertones.
Telephone Explosion Records, 2008
1. mama Jihad
2. Knife Fight
3. Sting Ray
4. Sun Inside Revisited
5. Teeth Decay
6. He's Rubber I'm Real
7. WAPNM/In Cult

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fizzbombs - Sign On The Line 7"

The Fizzbombs are just starting to receive some internet buzz, despite the band being over 20 years old. Their music style displays the sugar coated fuzz of noise pop while being notably strong on colourful pop melodies.
1986, Narnodnik Records
1. Sign On The Line
2. The Words That

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Super Vacations - S/T LP

The first official release from Virginia-based band, The Super Vacations. Smooth pop melodies float among psychedelic hums and warbles. The end result has the music sounding effortlessly performed. A Great album.
Shdwply Records, 2008
1. Weird Beard
2. El Secret
3. Pyramids
4. Sea Song
5. Mr. Mystery
6. Congratulations
7. Terrible the Cat
8. Landing Site
9. Candy Hearts
10. Van America
11. Endless Bummer
12. Remain In Wonder
13. Stack/Stacks
14. Solid Gold
15. Grown
16. Sidewalk

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teeth Mountain - S/T LP

Teeth Mountain generally have a really relaxed sound to their music. The sound drifts from psychedelic drone to free folk through to heavy beat driven tribal sounds.
Shdwply Records, 2008
1. Introduct
2. Black Jerusalem
3. Keinsein
4. Spirals
5. Ghost Science
6. Soft Beast
7. 13
8. Harsh Tanz
9. Malamut

The Rantouls - Chug-A-Lug 7"

Catchy '60s style garage rock from Californian threesome, The Rantouls.
Chocolate Covered Records, 2008
1. Chug-A-Lug
2. No Love In Return
3. It's Different Now
4. You Won't Have Me

Monday, March 2, 2009

Christmas Island - Demos

A few more great songs from Californian popsters, Christmas Island. Their songs seem to just ooze warmth and joy. Full length on the way on In The Red Records.
1. Black Cloud
2. Doing Swell
3. I Don't Care
5. Pre Apocalyptic

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The mayfair Set - Desert Fun/Already Warm

The Mayfair Set is a collaboration between Blank Dogs and Dum Dum Girls. Their sounds merge together to create dark but melodic noise pop music, an amazing sound. These songs are presumably on the upcoming 7" on Captured Tracks.
Captured tracks, 2009
1. Already Warm
2. Desert Fun

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Rondelles - Fiction Romance, Fast Machines

I've been meaning to post this for a while. The Rondelles were a '90s High school punk outfit from Albuquerque who enjoyed a short but successful run. The band can belt out a frustration fueled punk track then follow with a fun but aggressive pop tune. The synths on "He's Outta Sight" are irresistible.
Smells Like Records, 1998
1. Distraction
2. Can't Stop
3. Mission: Irresistible
4. Magazine
5. Drag Strip Race
6. Fake Fight
7. Shanghai Surprise
8. Do It For Me
9. He's Outta Sight
10. Indication
11. Catastrophe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ohsees - The Cool Death Of Island Raiders

Dreamy psych pop with gentle folk string arrangements. One of the best, i think, Ohsees releases yet.
Narnack Records, 2006
1. The Gilded Cunt

2. The Dumb Drums
3. Turn Off
4. Losers in the Sun
5. Drone Number One
6. Island Raiders
7. Cool Death
8. Broken Stems
9. We Are Free
10. Drone Number Two
11. You Oughtta Go Home

The Super Vacations - Recording II

Chilled out psych pop. Sounds like distorted sunshine - warm and fuzzy.
Unknown, 2008
1. Candy Hearts
2. Congratulations
3. Post Meridian
4. Stacks S Attacks
5. Pyramids
6. Terrible the Cat
7. Sidewalk

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shop Assistants - S/T

They've been mentioned afew times on here, so I figured they deserved a post of their own. The Scottish band emerged from the '80s C86/noise pop scene, appearing on the legendary NME C86 cassette. Their noisy, melodic style has acted as an influence on bands like Black Tambourine, Vivian Girls, Manhattan Love Suicides and similar acts.
Blue Guitar, 1986
1. Idon't Wanna Be Friends With You
2. All Day Long
3. Before I Wake
4. Caledonian Road
5. All That Ever Mattered
6. Fixed Grin
7. Somewhere In China
8. Train From Kansas City
9. Home Again
10. Seem To Be
11. Afterdark
12. All Of the Time
13. What a Way To Die
14. Nature Lover

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Girls - Youth Tunes 7"

These two tracks alone have got me super excited for upcoming material from Little Girls. A mesmerizing blend of post-punk gloom and joyous noise pop. Yet to be released, so make sure you grab one!
Captured Tracks ,2009
1. Youth Tunes
2. Venom

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Epsilons - Killed 'Em Deader 'N a Six Card poker Hand

For fans of gritty, in-you-face garage rock/pop. Energetic and oh-so-lovable.
Retard Disco, 2007
1. I Hate (Your Face)
2. Drunk On Love
3. Problems
4. Stronger than Dirt
5. Seaview, Wilson? Yield!
6. (You're a) Liar
7. Sunshine
8. Cecilia
9. Teeny Boppers
10. My Momma Said
11. 9 - 5
12. Poppa Told Me

Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant 7"

Imagine the most serene, tropical beach setting seen through the eye of a kaleidoscope. Now imagine the soundtrack that might accompany it. This is the sound of Ducktails' music - warm and tranquil, mind-bending and colourful.
Breaking World Records, 2008
1. Beach point pleasant
2. Pizza Time
3. Gem part 1 and 2

Christmas Island/Le Jonathan Reilly - Split 7"

This record is worth getting just for the Christmas Island tracks alone. Le Jonathan Reilly provides a few fun, raw garage rock pieces, while Christmas Island display just the opposite - jangly, blissfully warm pop. Enjoy.
Shit In a Can Records, 2008
1. [Christmas Island] Scared 2 Die
2. [Christmas Island] Morning Sunshine
3. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Over My Shoulder
4. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Humid Dog
5. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Incitatus

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dum Dum Girls - S/T EP

There are definite similarities to Black Tambourine and Shop Assistants in Dum Dum Girls' music. Wishy Washy fuzz, jangly guitars and melodic female vocals. Set to release a bunch of stuff this year, she's (there's only one Dum Dum Girl) one to keep an eye on. She's also releasing a single through the HoZac singles club.
Zoo Music, 2008
1. Ship Of Love
2. Longhair
3. D.A.L (Dream Away life)
4. Catholicked
5. Hey Sis

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Clean - Compilation

I should be ashamed that I was born and bred in NZ yet have only just discovered the music of The Clean. They were around as part of Flying Nun Record's "Dunedin Sound" in the '80s. Due to the somewhat isolation of NZ, a unique sound was developed amoungst the city's bands - jangly guitars, fuzzy pop recordings. A lot of the bands that I have posted about have in fact listed The Clean as an influence. I'm sure you'll dig it.
Flying Nun, 1987
1. Billy Two
2. At The Bottom
3. Tally Ho
4. Anything Could Happen
5. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
6. Flowers
7. Fish
8. Beatnik
9. Getting Older
10. Slug Song
11. Odditty
12. Whatever I Do


Pens are another lo-fi poppy band to emerge in recent months. Their poorly recorded fuzz pop comes off charming and ultra-catchy. Sometimes more punk than pop, but with lots of Oohs and Aahs to sing along to.
1. Freddie
2. Hate Your Calender
3. Hide The Kids
4. High In The Cinema
5. Networking
6. Yeah Baby I'll Take You To Bagel Town

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ty Segall + Superstitions - Halfnonagon

Super limited [now sold out] split cassette on Wizard Mountain featuring tracks by Ty Segall and Superstitions which are unique to this cassette. Great release.
Wizard Mountain, 2008
1. [Ty Segall] The Happy Farmer
2. [Ty Segall] Lollipop
3. [Ty Segall] I Don't Know My name
4. [Superstitions] Bills
5. [Superstitions] Breathless
6. [Superstitions] I Don't Wanna Die Tonight
7. [Superstitions] This Town


A few days ago HoZac Records announced details on their 7" singles club for 2009. Joining the club gets you 10 7"s throughout the year from artists Dum Dum Girls, Idle Times, Woven Bones, Art Thieves, Flight, White Mystery, Teepee, Mother Of Tears, Box Elders & Teeth (Blank Dogs & Spider side project). Remember, these are the guys that brought you releases from Jacuzzi Boys, Nothing People, Blank Dogs + more, so you know this is gonna be good. Presumably places are filling fast, so make sure you sign up quick!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wavves - Wavvves [LEAK]

More than a month before it's official release, Wavvves is here(!) in all it's tasty fuzzy pop glory. Check it out.
Fat possum, 2009
1. Rainbow Everywhere
2. Sun Opens My Eyes
3. Get In The Sun
4. Jetplane (Staying On a)
5. No Hope Kids
6. More Fur
7. So Bored
8. Summer Goth 2
9. Surf Goth
10. Goth Girls
11. Ghost Ramp
12. Killr Punx, Scary Demons

-Link Removed At Label's Request-

Friday, January 23, 2009

Graffiti Island

Graffiti Island hail from London, playing melancholic pop songs built around a heavy base line. At times they sound like a poppier Joy Division. Not much has been released from the band, so I've compiled a bunch of their songs together.
1. Demonic Cat
2. Head Hunter
3. Mountain Man
4. Pet Snake
5. WolfGuy

Women - S/T

Psychedelic and noisy with a lot of crashing and banging. But also soft, melodic and at times ambient. Women experiment with different styles which creates a really great record with diverse sounds.
Jagjaguwar, 2008
1. Cameras
2. Lawncare
3. Woodbine
4. Black Rice
5. Sag harbor Blues
6. Group Transport Hall
7. Shaking Hand
8. Upstairs
9. January 8th
10. Flashlights

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Coolies - Bless The Babies & The Mothers

Such a great little record. Fast-paced punk, catchy rhythms and just a really fun listen. It's too bad they're not up to anything these days. Although it's cleaner in sound - Vivian Girls fans, download!
Self-Released, [Unknown]
1. Throwaway
2. Holiday/Vacation
3. Get Down
4. I Salute U

The Electric Bunnies - Chewing Gum 7"

The record starts off quietly slow-paced and poppy, but quickly evolves into something more intense and thrashy.
Floridas Dying, 2007
1. Chewing Gum
2. Love Radiation
3. Super Fluorescent Hippo Flashback
4. The Stranger

The Traditional Fools - The Traditional Fools

This band is connected to Ty Segall [lead vocals], so once again, the music has a distinct garage pop/rock n' roll/surf vibe to it. Very lo-fi and gritty too. Delicious.
Chocolate Covered Records, 2008
1. Davey Crockett
2. Snot Rag
3. T.L. Defender
4. Please
5. Layback!!!
6. Get Off My Back
7. Shredstick
8. Kill Someone You Hate
9. Valley (Of the Jams)
10. Party At My House
11. Milkman
12. All-Right

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yussuf Jerusalem - A Heart Full Of Sorrow

Don't let the first song on the record put you off. Despite the out-of-place harsh metal sound of the intro track, the LP consists of bouncy pop songs and folky string arrangements buried under fuzz and slight feedback.
Floridas Dying, 2008
1. Gilles de Rais
2. A Heart Full Of Sorrow
3. Greetings From Novi Sad
4. With You In Mind
5. Jihad
6. We Ain't Coming Back
7. Multicolor
8. The End Of Tomorrow
9. The One You Really Want