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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons 1992-96

The Summer Hits appeared and then disappeared from the Californian music scene before they really had a chance to make an impact. The album consists of sun-soaked shoegazy pop with a sound reminiscent of The Clean's DIY sound.
Christmas Records, 1996
1. Stony Creation
2. Honey Machine
3. Preference
4. Groovier Drugs
5. California Summer
6. Maximum Bum Ride
7. Away From The City
8. Modern Cinema
9. Beaches And Canyons
10. Sandy Hair
12. Thin
13. Laetitia
14. Lift Off
15. Spanish Films
16. Moto-Guzzi
17. Carmel Feelin'


Anonymous said...

this is a GREAT record. dudes went on to be beachwood sparks, the tyde, etc., but this one might be their best.

Anonymous said...

thanks, i have been looking for this for a while.

band's gonna make a comeback for sure.

BB said...

ok, every time I try to download these I'm still running into the problem that when I unzip it becomes a ".cpgz" file.

macmiddlebrooks1@gmail.com said...

90's flashback most appreciated. These guys's 7" 's always stay in rotation..I really love your blog!

Anonymous said...

hey. they not gonna do a comeback. rex doesn't want to (the singer in the band) i know him. drugs and shit. just so you know. have a nice night :)

r-vee said...

any chance i could get my ears on this again???? one of my fave early 90s record

r-vee said...
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r-vee said...
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