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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Various - Wild Things - Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-1969

Psychedelic garage rock from '60s New Zealand. Many a gem among these tracks, and like other Flying Nun releases, this is quite sought after release nowadays.
Flying Nun, 1992
1. The La De Da's - Don't You Stand In My Way
2. The La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There?
3. The Smoke - No More Now
4. Sandy Edmonds - Come See Me
5. The Cresendos - Now She's Mine
6. The Action - I Can't Make a Friend
7. Tom Thumb - You're Gonna Miss Me
8. Tom Thumb - I Need You
9. The Bluestars - Sociel End Product
10. The Challenge - The Crunch
11. The Principals - I Can't Stop
12. The Pleazers - Hurtin' All Over
13. Chants R&B - I Want Her
14. Chants R&B - I'm Your Witchdoctor
15. Chants R&B - Neighbour Neighbour
16. Tomorrow's Love - 7 and 7 is

Sunday, October 17, 2010

UPDATE: Facebook Fan Page

Hey social networkers,
I thought syncing up the blog with a facebook page would make things a bit more interactive than the chat box, more tunes on the way boys and girls...
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