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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Black Vatican - Zed Omega

A great little pop record. Featuring an assortment of cheery pop songs buried under fuzz and hollow drumbeats.
Night people Records, 2007
1. Born to Live Life
2. Hey Do It
3. Dream Jogger
4. Tetedemort Stations
5. Now you've Been Told
6. Sinsinawahwah
7. I Don't Wanna Fight
8. Carlos Carlos and Carlos
9. Touch Teacher
10. Song of Mice Elf
11. magic Is...
12. Beautiful Reformer


Anonymous said...

I Don't Wanna Fight is the shizzle

Anonymous said...

Really impressive album. Hard to find any information on them. Allmusic doesn't even have an entry for them!

Thanks for exposing this band to the light of day. It's a great piece of music. Like garage noise pop with '60s influence or something.