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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yussuf Jerusalem - A Heart Full Of Sorrow

Don't let the first song on the record put you off. Despite the out-of-place harsh metal sound of the intro track, the LP consists of bouncy pop songs and folky string arrangements buried under fuzz and slight feedback.
Floridas Dying, 2008
1. Gilles de Rais
2. A Heart Full Of Sorrow
3. Greetings From Novi Sad
4. With You In Mind
5. Jihad
6. We Ain't Coming Back
7. Multicolor
8. The End Of Tomorrow
9. The One You Really Want

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Born Bad said...

I run Born bad records in paris, and i licenced from Florida dying the Yussuf Jerusalem LP. The records is now re-available trough vynile and CD. so please can you delete this post till i'm sold out on this album.
Thanks in advance