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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ty Segall - S/T

Ty Segall is awesome, and pretty f-ing impressive for a one man band. He's got afew more 7" and tapes which I'll rip and put up another time, but do get into his debut LP. Fuzzed out, toe tapping garage pop.
Castle Face, 2008
1. Go Homes
2. pretty Baby (You're So Ugly)
3. The Drag
4. Watching you
5. Oh Mary
6. Untitled
7. Don't Do It
8. you're Not Me
9. Dating
10. You Should Never Have Opened that Door
11. So Alone
12. An Ill Jest

1 comment:

voodoorhythm said...

this is the best thing i have heard in a long time!
more! more!