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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothing People - In The City 7"

Both songs on the 7" feature heavily strummed, bendy sounding guitars carried by a strong, steady drumbeat. A nice wee 7" by a band worth getting into.
S-S Records, 2007
1. In The City
2. Really Good Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girls Of The Gravitron - Malthusian Love Song 7''

Harsh pop tunes with muffled vocals lingering beneath the surface. Keep an eye on these guys.
Boom Chick Records ,2008
1. Malthusian Love Song
2. When I'm Dead
3. Violent Appetites

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Electric Bunnies - Eskimo 7"

Nothing hugely mind blowing, but it's catchy, fun and layered with lo-fi fuzz, which is always nice.
Floridas Dying, 2007
1. Eskimo
2. Eat Worms
3. Counting Sheep

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Superstitions - Superstitions

As the album kicks off, it begins to sounds like it could double as the soundtrack to The Beverly Hillbillies. But it's quickly balanced with a good dose of lo-fi garage tones. A mix of country, garage pop and blues rock. Limited to 100 cassettes, there may still be a handful left.
Telephone Explosion records, 2008
1. Intro
2. 18 Hours To Go
3. Saturday Night
4. I'm Cookin' Dinner
5. UFO Lovin'
6. Chainsaw Hands
7. Shakin'
8. I Got a Car

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ty Segall - Skin 7"

Another dose of messy pop. There may still be some more of these left, check out Goodbye Boozy's myspace.
Goodbye Boozy, 2008
1. Skin
2. Booksmarts
3. Ms. White
4. ...And Then Judy Walked In

Friday, December 5, 2008

Vivian Girls - S/T

If you haven't heard Vivian Girls, then you should, ASAP. There's been a lot of comparison to Black Tambourine (they also site them as a main influence), just imagine them with a punk attitude and the occasional '60s girl group vibe. They could easily have fitted into the Noise Pop scene of the early '90s, so check them out if you have a weak spot for gritty noise pop.
Mauled By Tigers, 2008
1. All the Time
2. Such a Joke
3. Wild Eyes
4. Going Insane
5. Tell The World
6. Where Do You Run To
7. Damaged
8. No
9. Never See Me Again
10. I Believe In Nothing

The Strange Boys - Nothing 7"

It sounds like you should be hearing this through a pocket radio in the '60s. Could be best described as slow paced country-esque bluesy lo-fi garage pop.
Dusty Medical Records, 2007
1. Nothing
2. Happily In Disbelief
3. We Both Know
4. Art For Art's Sake

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nice Face - Thing In My Head 7"

Some more Nice Face for your listening pleasure. Much more of the same lo-fi, garage pop, rough-around-the-edges type sound.
Sacred Bones Records, 2008
1. Thing In My Head
2. Hidden Automatic

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wavves - Wavves + Beach Demon/Weed Demon 7" + Various

ATTN: All who have been living under a rock for the last few months.
Wavves is Nathan Williams, former member of Fantastic Magic and current creator of noise pop-beach punk-lo fi musical gems. Receiving a lot of hype and with HEAPS of stuff coming out from now into the new year, keep an eye out.
FuckItTapes, 2008
1. Intro Goth
2. California Goth
3. Wavves
4. Lover
5. Space Raider
6. Vermin
7. Side Yr On
8. Beach Goth
9. The Boys Will Love Us
10. Spaced Raider
11. Yoked
12. Teenage Super Party

Tic Tac Totally!, 2008
1. Weed Demon
2. Beach Demon

Sample the 7"

[None], 2008
1. Fun In The Sun
2. Getting Out Of Bed
3. Ghost Ramp
4. Gun In The Sun
5. More Fur
6. Sun Opens My Eyes
7. Surf Goth
8. No Hope Kids
9. So Bored

The Coolies - S/T

Something a wee bit different. The Coolies were an early '00s three piece girl punk band from Auckland, New Zealand. Think Vivian girls with a more polished sound, or The Rondelles with less synth.
1. Come To The Sabbath
2. D.I.Y
3. Fake Letter
4. Mix Of All Good Things
5. Dark Stormy Night
6. Dance
7. 1 Knock
8. Heart Is Deep
9. Bad Dream
10. Blah Blah Blackout

Epsilons - S/T

Features Ty Segall on lead vocals (and possibly songwriting?), so of course this one's great! Sounds like Ty's current style, but it's pretty evident that there's definitely a full band behind him on this project. Also features Charlie of Charlie and the Moonhearts.
Retard Disco, 2006
1. The Train
2. Evil Robots
3. Red Hat
4. Just Wanna Love You Girl
5. Gonna Give It To Me
6. Snap Crackle Pop!
7. I Don't Know
8. Fever To Kill
9. The Prettiest Thing
10. Come On
11. Pantyhose
12. Dressed Up
13. I Saw You On TV
14. The Epsilon

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pumice - Quo

There are quite a few layers which go to make up Pumice's musical style - folk, pop, noise and psychedelic tones can all be heard on the album Quo. The eclectic and experimental blend creates an unusual sound, but great nonetheless.
Soft Abuse, 2008
1. Pumicequo
2. World With Worms
3. Fort
4. Thermos in the Studio
5. Pebbles
6. Whole Hoof
7. Sick Day Duvet
8. Dogwater
9. Heavy Punter
10. Battersby
11. Beak Remedy

-Link Removed at Labels Request-

Charlie & The Moonhearts - I Think You're Swell 7"

Fuzzy fuzzy garage pop belted out by three boys from California. Oh, and it's produced by Ty Segall, so it totally has that "thing" about it.
Goodbye Boozy, 2008
1. I Think You're Swell
2. Thee T-Rex Song
3. Chicka Chicka (Bang Bang)
4. ...Of Robbing Banks

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cheap Time - Cheap Time

TOTALLY worth getting. Cheap Time demonstrate their addictive sound which finds a nice balance between catchy pop and energetic noisy punk, all heard under a layer of fuzz.
Ps. Kudos to you if you can resist playing 'People Talk" on repeat.
In The Red, 2008
1. Too Late
2. Glitter & Gold
3. Zig-Zag
4. People Talk
5. Push Your Luck
6. Living in the Past
7. Tight Fit
8. Permanent damage
9. The Ballad of Max Frost
10. Falling Down
11. Over Again
12. Ginger Snap
13. Back to School
14. Trip to the Zoo

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ty Segall - Horn the Unicorn

Some more Ty! This ones a rip from the limited run of the cassette only release on Wizard Mountain which has since sold out. This guy is destined to become big - huge sound, catchy and energetic. I swear, this man can do no wrong.
Wizard mountain, 2008
1. Shoot Me in the Head
2. Can't talk to You
3. Apples
4. The Drag
5. The Jam
6. Where We Go
7. So Alone
8. You're Not Me
9. Bike

Can - Ege Bamyasi

An oldie but a goodie [emphasis on goodie]. Can are a huge name in the krautrock scene. This is a really unusual and experimental record, a pretty unique sound.
United Artists, 1972
1. Pinch
2. Sing Swan Song
3. One More Night
4. Vitamin C
5. Soup
6. I'm So Green
7. Spoon

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nice Face - Can I Fuck It?

Aaaah! Must-have! Essential! Download Now!
If the Ty Segall Lp was up your alley, then Nice Face will do much the same for you. Lo-fi goodness with pop elements and surges of intense guitar. Limited edition of 100 on cassette, sold out unfortunatly...but do check it out!
Jerkwave tapes, 2008
1. Beater
2. Just a Shadow
3. Time Spy
4. Rotting Around
5. Surprise Sex
6. vVv (Vacant Vortex Vagina)
7. Selectron
8. Nunfight
9. Hawkfin
10. Thin Skin
11. Shitstorm Trooper
12. Way It's Gotta Be

Meth Teeth - Bus Rides 7"

4 x noisy, lo-fi, fuzzy rock tracks. There are even hints of folk in a couple of songs. It's a good EP, kinda similar to the Jacuzzi boys 7"s I posted earlier. Sweet!
Sweet Rot Records, 2008
1. Bus Rides
2. Unemployment Forever
3. To My Good Friend
4. Boring Artifacts

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost ghost 7" + Island Ave 7"

So far the Jacuzzi Boys have released a few 7"s with another on the way later this month. Fingers crossed there's a full length in the works because I hope to hear a lot more from these guys. I was instantly reminded of the gritty sound of The Ponys upon hearing these records. The Jacuzzi Boys play a fine mix of fuzzed out garage pop which is evident on both 7"s.

Floridas Dying, 2007
1. Ghost Ghost
2. Age of the Giant Jellyfish
3. Komi Caricoles

Hozac, 2008
1. Island Avenue
2. Dream Lion
3. You Should Know

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Various - 3,2,1.....Action! 7"

One of my most prized records, and I was pretty lucky to pick this up for next to nothing considering it contains a track by pre-Shins band Flake Music. No idea how many copies were pressed - there's barely any info about it on the net apart from a mention on The Shin's wiki page. It also seems that the website for record label Pocket Protector Records ceases to exist, so it's all really quite mysterious. Anyway, it's a totally awesome compilation of noisy pop featuring a few good bands which apparently didn't last since this release.

P.s. The track 'Red' by Flake music is exclusive to this compilation, so you won't find it anywhere else!
[Ripped from vinyl]

Pocket Protector Records, 1997[?]
1. Flake Music - Red
2. Anchorman - Bullet Proof Everything
3. Luxo Champ - Block Mover
4. The Honeys - Calling H.G. Wells
5. The Rondelles - Distraction

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Suncharms - Suncharms EP

I picked this up on a whim, never having heard of the band, but wow - they are so good! Seriously. Bursts of loud, swirling guitars amoungst mellow dreamy pop. Couldn't find this anywhere on the net so I've ripped it from vinyl. Enjoy!
Wilde Club, 1991
1. Sparkle
2. Reflections
3. Time Will Tell
4. One I See

Flake Music - When You Land Here It's Time To Return

Before The Shins, there was Flake Music. Their sound was a lot less neat and polished. Still pop, but with more noise and strenuous sounding vocals from James Mercer.
Omnibus, 1997
1. Spanway Hits
2. Blast Valve
3. Roziere
4. Structo
5. [Untitled]
6. Deluca
7. Mieke
8. [Untitled]
9. The Shins
10. [Untitled]
11. Vantage

Ty Segall - S/T

Ty Segall is awesome, and pretty f-ing impressive for a one man band. He's got afew more 7" and tapes which I'll rip and put up another time, but do get into his debut LP. Fuzzed out, toe tapping garage pop.
Castle Face, 2008
1. Go Homes
2. pretty Baby (You're So Ugly)
3. The Drag
4. Watching you
5. Oh Mary
6. Untitled
7. Don't Do It
8. you're Not Me
9. Dating
10. You Should Never Have Opened that Door
11. So Alone
12. An Ill Jest

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thought Creature - Teleport Palace

Something to check out if you're keen on the sound of surf psychedelia. The debut album from New Zealand three piece Thought Creature.

Involve, 2008
1. Words Can't Save You
2. Kamakaze TV
3. Shake About
4. Plastic Fantastic
5. Went To A Party
6. One Day I Turned Into A Spider
7. Your Telepathy
8. Swamp Babe
9. Winter Is Over...
10. Favourite New Machine
11. Ice Scream Ice Queen
12. Picnic With The Bears

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Henry's Dress - Bust 'Em Green

Like it was rubbed in dirt then dipped in sugar, the balance between noise and pop is ideal on the band's last release. Ridding their sound of the slight melancholy of their self-titled release, this one is more on the cheery side.

Slumberland, 1996
1. The Way She Goes
2. Target Practice
3. Winter '94
4. Hey Allison
5. Tree Fort
6. Get Yourself Together
7. Jimmy
8. Sunshine Proves All Wrongness
9. All This Time For Nothing
10. Zero Zero Zero
11. Not Today
12. Self Starter

Henry's Dress - [Self-Titled]

Henry's Dress' first real release after a couple of 7" splits and singles. A great blend of feel good pop tunes and messy feedback, altering between boy and girl vocals.

Slumberland, 1995
1. Definitely Nothing
2. Title Forthcoming
3. Sally Wants
4. (You're My) Radio One
5. "A" is for Cribbage
6. Three
7. Feathers
8. You Killed a Boy for Me

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Black Tambourine - Complete Recordings

Definitely an essential for all noisepop devotees. There's something about the purity of Pam Berry's voice and the harsh pop melodies that make everything fit together so nicely.

Slumberland, 1999
1. For Ex-Lovers Only
2. Black Car
3. Pack You Up
4. Can't Explain
5. I Was Wrong
6. Throw Aggi Off the Bridge
7. Drown
8. We Can't Be Friends
9. By Tomorrow
10. Pam's Tan