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Monday, January 25, 2010

Splendora - In The Grass

Splendora are probably best known for performing the theme song of the late '90s MTV cartoon, Daria. Watching the show actually led me to the first and only release from the band. The appealing blend of heavy distortion and sweet female vocals make me wish they hadn't stopped at just one album. Fans of female fronted grunge acts, such as Hole, should like this one.

Koch Records, 1995
1. Bee Stung Lips
2. Rat Fink
3. Breeze
4. Rocker
5. Beautiful
6. Pollyanna
7. Reanimator
8. Shirt On
9. Sever
10. Rattle
11. Cover the River
12. No Place
13. It's Great
14. Busted

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Troubles - [Various]

To pick up where I left off, I'm still totally into the whole (what appears to be) revived shoegaze sound. While this is a basic sound of Big Troubles, the duo also dabble in a bit of tropical daze (a la Ducktails) and all round dream pop bliss. I think a few of these tracks might be older demos, so i'm not sure in which direction the general sound has headed, but you can pick up their debut EP over at Blackburn Recordings.

1. Freudian Ships
2. Opposites
3. Desire For A Certain Thing To Happen
4. Drastic & Difficult
5. GreyDayz
6. Sick Days

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