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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Intelligence - Fake Surfers

This album looks to be a promising contender for one of 2009's best. The LP keeps interest with a variety of sounds and genres explored. It starts with an almost droney psychedelic sound - twangy guitars with vocals bobbing beneath the surface. It then moves through a mix of super catchy distorted pop, retro surf pop and lo-fi garage punk. Not boring or repetitive in the slightest. 100% recommended. Look out for this on In The Red later this month.
In The Red, 2009
1. Fake Surfers
2. Moody Tower
3. Debt & ESP
4. St. Bartholemew
5. I Hear Depression
6. Warm Transfers
7. Fuck Eat Skull
8. Universal Babysitter
9. Thank You God For Fixing The Tape
10. Pony People
11. Singles Barg
12. The Unessential Cosmic Perspectiv


Ben said...

Check this for the first time in ages and find 3 things I had been looking for. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work

jawsnyc said...

Love The Intelligence. Bordom and Terror and Icky Baby are GREAT, Deuteronomy with the exception of 2 tracks was pretty bad, and this sounds like a return to form for Lars and friends.

Socialhermit said...

The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

help! I really want to check this out...