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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The mayfair Set - Desert Fun/Already Warm

The Mayfair Set is a collaboration between Blank Dogs and Dum Dum Girls. Their sounds merge together to create dark but melodic noise pop music, an amazing sound. These songs are presumably on the upcoming 7" on Captured Tracks.
Captured tracks, 2009
1. Already Warm
2. Desert Fun

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Rondelles - Fiction Romance, Fast Machines

I've been meaning to post this for a while. The Rondelles were a '90s High school punk outfit from Albuquerque who enjoyed a short but successful run. The band can belt out a frustration fueled punk track then follow with a fun but aggressive pop tune. The synths on "He's Outta Sight" are irresistible.
Smells Like Records, 1998
1. Distraction
2. Can't Stop
3. Mission: Irresistible
4. Magazine
5. Drag Strip Race
6. Fake Fight
7. Shanghai Surprise
8. Do It For Me
9. He's Outta Sight
10. Indication
11. Catastrophe

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ohsees - The Cool Death Of Island Raiders

Dreamy psych pop with gentle folk string arrangements. One of the best, i think, Ohsees releases yet.
Narnack Records, 2006
1. The Gilded Cunt

2. The Dumb Drums
3. Turn Off
4. Losers in the Sun
5. Drone Number One
6. Island Raiders
7. Cool Death
8. Broken Stems
9. We Are Free
10. Drone Number Two
11. You Oughtta Go Home

The Super Vacations - Recording II

Chilled out psych pop. Sounds like distorted sunshine - warm and fuzzy.
Unknown, 2008
1. Candy Hearts
2. Congratulations
3. Post Meridian
4. Stacks S Attacks
5. Pyramids
6. Terrible the Cat
7. Sidewalk

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shop Assistants - S/T

They've been mentioned afew times on here, so I figured they deserved a post of their own. The Scottish band emerged from the '80s C86/noise pop scene, appearing on the legendary NME C86 cassette. Their noisy, melodic style has acted as an influence on bands like Black Tambourine, Vivian Girls, Manhattan Love Suicides and similar acts.
Blue Guitar, 1986
1. Idon't Wanna Be Friends With You
2. All Day Long
3. Before I Wake
4. Caledonian Road
5. All That Ever Mattered
6. Fixed Grin
7. Somewhere In China
8. Train From Kansas City
9. Home Again
10. Seem To Be
11. Afterdark
12. All Of the Time
13. What a Way To Die
14. Nature Lover

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Girls - Youth Tunes 7"

These two tracks alone have got me super excited for upcoming material from Little Girls. A mesmerizing blend of post-punk gloom and joyous noise pop. Yet to be released, so make sure you grab one!
Captured Tracks ,2009
1. Youth Tunes
2. Venom

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Epsilons - Killed 'Em Deader 'N a Six Card poker Hand

For fans of gritty, in-you-face garage rock/pop. Energetic and oh-so-lovable.
Retard Disco, 2007
1. I Hate (Your Face)
2. Drunk On Love
3. Problems
4. Stronger than Dirt
5. Seaview, Wilson? Yield!
6. (You're a) Liar
7. Sunshine
8. Cecilia
9. Teeny Boppers
10. My Momma Said
11. 9 - 5
12. Poppa Told Me

Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant 7"

Imagine the most serene, tropical beach setting seen through the eye of a kaleidoscope. Now imagine the soundtrack that might accompany it. This is the sound of Ducktails' music - warm and tranquil, mind-bending and colourful.
Breaking World Records, 2008
1. Beach point pleasant
2. Pizza Time
3. Gem part 1 and 2

Christmas Island/Le Jonathan Reilly - Split 7"

This record is worth getting just for the Christmas Island tracks alone. Le Jonathan Reilly provides a few fun, raw garage rock pieces, while Christmas Island display just the opposite - jangly, blissfully warm pop. Enjoy.
Shit In a Can Records, 2008
1. [Christmas Island] Scared 2 Die
2. [Christmas Island] Morning Sunshine
3. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Over My Shoulder
4. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Humid Dog
5. [Le Jonathan Reilly] Incitatus