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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nerve City. - Catholic School

Nerve City. play their own brand of acoustic based lo-fi pop. The band use some experimental sounds and incorporate elements of surf and folk into their songs, even hints of blues rock can be heard. The cassette is amazing, the band really demonstrate a variety of sounds on the release.
Amateur Depression Records, 2007
1. Junkyard
2. The Creek
3. Disaster
4. Riverboat
5. Dogs


muller said...

rules, totally!

MATTHEW said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing, this is a real gem.

Anonymous said...

I have the other weckird they have as well.

ThisIsDanni said...

Anon. - do you have a rip? or anything else by Nerve City.?

Anonymous said...

Nerve City-Bars 7"


tonaldefiance said...

I am having an issue with unzipping these files, when i do they simply unzip another zipped file, im using a mac. anyone know what i can do?
i am sort of new to this stuff and just created my own blog

thank you

cameron said...

Hey man, I have been searching all over for a copy of this cassette. Have one you would be interested in selling?