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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reading Rainbow - Songs To Sing To

'Songs To Sing To' is a dreamy little collection of noisy, sun soaked melodies. Like Wavves with more charm. Or a friendlier No Age. Each of the 60 copies of this CD have sold out, but order their latest LP, 'Mystical Participation' here.

Self-released, 2009
1. The Sun is Out
2. A Life To Find
3. In The City
4. Totem Pole
5. I Will Follow You
6. We Are Too Young
7. Great Sky Bear [Keys]
8. Be My Sunrise
9. Animals Take Control OF Me
10. Oh Deer Lord
11. Great Sky Bear [Strings]
12. Where My Body's Found
13. Feral Kids
14. New Safety
15. I Will Wait

Sample the Album


Anonymous said...

Yo man, could you repost this...Once I download it a zip file it won't extract.

Nathaniel said...
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Desirae said...

excellent. think i'll buy it