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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Clean - Compilation

I should be ashamed that I was born and bred in NZ yet have only just discovered the music of The Clean. They were around as part of Flying Nun Record's "Dunedin Sound" in the '80s. Due to the somewhat isolation of NZ, a unique sound was developed amoungst the city's bands - jangly guitars, fuzzy pop recordings. A lot of the bands that I have posted about have in fact listed The Clean as an influence. I'm sure you'll dig it.
Flying Nun, 1987
1. Billy Two
2. At The Bottom
3. Tally Ho
4. Anything Could Happen
5. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
6. Flowers
7. Fish
8. Beatnik
9. Getting Older
10. Slug Song
11. Odditty
12. Whatever I Do


voodoorhythm said...

one of my all time favourites

dfs said...

dude, i was also born and bred in nz but now live elsewhere and have only just dicoverd your blog!, thanks for all the music