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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Epsilons - Killed 'Em Deader 'N a Six Card poker Hand

For fans of gritty, in-you-face garage rock/pop. Energetic and oh-so-lovable.
Retard Disco, 2007
1. I Hate (Your Face)
2. Drunk On Love
3. Problems
4. Stronger than Dirt
5. Seaview, Wilson? Yield!
6. (You're a) Liar
7. Sunshine
8. Cecilia
9. Teeny Boppers
10. My Momma Said
11. 9 - 5
12. Poppa Told Me


endless sleep said...

i was just about to up this one on my blog!ha!great minds think alike!

Jack said...

i've had this album for about a week, it's awesome.

isnt this a retard disco album?

ThisIsDanni said...

ah, so it is.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you may upload the epsilons albums again?

Anonymous said...

please upload these albums again, I can't get ahold of them anywhere!