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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shop Assistants - S/T

They've been mentioned afew times on here, so I figured they deserved a post of their own. The Scottish band emerged from the '80s C86/noise pop scene, appearing on the legendary NME C86 cassette. Their noisy, melodic style has acted as an influence on bands like Black Tambourine, Vivian Girls, Manhattan Love Suicides and similar acts.
Blue Guitar, 1986
1. Idon't Wanna Be Friends With You
2. All Day Long
3. Before I Wake
4. Caledonian Road
5. All That Ever Mattered
6. Fixed Grin
7. Somewhere In China
8. Train From Kansas City
9. Home Again
10. Seem To Be
11. Afterdark
12. All Of the Time
13. What a Way To Die
14. Nature Lover


Anonymous said...

Very nice one.

Anonymous said...

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