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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pumice - Quo

There are quite a few layers which go to make up Pumice's musical style - folk, pop, noise and psychedelic tones can all be heard on the album Quo. The eclectic and experimental blend creates an unusual sound, but great nonetheless.
Soft Abuse, 2008
1. Pumicequo
2. World With Worms
3. Fort
4. Thermos in the Studio
5. Pebbles
6. Whole Hoof
7. Sick Day Duvet
8. Dogwater
9. Heavy Punter
10. Battersby
11. Beak Remedy

-Link Removed at Labels Request-


voodoorhythm said...

hey there!
the link for this album doesn't work..would love to hear it!
thanks for doing this blog.its my new favourite!

ThisIsDanni said...

oops! just fixed it.

Soft Abuse said...

Please remove this link. Stefan (Pumice) and I have worked very hard on this album, and it is still in print for those that wish to get a copy at my web site (www.softabuse.com).
Thank you for your prompt attention to this.