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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nice Face - Can I Fuck It?

Aaaah! Must-have! Essential! Download Now!
If the Ty Segall Lp was up your alley, then Nice Face will do much the same for you. Lo-fi goodness with pop elements and surges of intense guitar. Limited edition of 100 on cassette, sold out unfortunatly...but do check it out!
Jerkwave tapes, 2008
1. Beater
2. Just a Shadow
3. Time Spy
4. Rotting Around
5. Surprise Sex
6. vVv (Vacant Vortex Vagina)
7. Selectron
8. Nunfight
9. Hawkfin
10. Thin Skin
11. Shitstorm Trooper
12. Way It's Gotta Be


voodoorhythm said...

this is great too!
any chance of the ty segall tapes being up-loaded?

ThisIsDanni said...

sure thing! am posting some new stuff at the mo so will post it asap.