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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cheap Time - Cheap Time

TOTALLY worth getting. Cheap Time demonstrate their addictive sound which finds a nice balance between catchy pop and energetic noisy punk, all heard under a layer of fuzz.
Ps. Kudos to you if you can resist playing 'People Talk" on repeat.
In The Red, 2008
1. Too Late
2. Glitter & Gold
3. Zig-Zag
4. People Talk
5. Push Your Luck
6. Living in the Past
7. Tight Fit
8. Permanent damage
9. The Ballad of Max Frost
10. Falling Down
11. Over Again
12. Ginger Snap
13. Back to School
14. Trip to the Zoo

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voodoorhythm said...

thanks so much for the ty segall stuff! really appreciate it!