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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Charlie & The Moonhearts - Thunderbeast

Fan-fucking-tastic. Seriously. A mind blowing musical mix up of intense garage pop - lo-fi, messy and semi-distorted in all it's glory - with a major dose of 60's influenced surf and hip shakin' rock n' roll. Cassette only release limited to 100 - see their Myspace, you may still be lucky enough to grab one. Otherwise, there's a CD-r on the way.
Telephone Explosion Records, 2008
1. I Hate You
2. Thunderbeast
3. Charlie Moon (Style Tycoon)
4. Cage Mouth
5. I Got Mine
6. Runaway
7. Walla Walla (Washington)
8. You've Got No Idea
9. Shucka Shucka
10. The Prom Song


milo said...

Great blog.

This music and the 7"s are very, very much appreciated.

explodingboy said...

Fan-fucking-tastic is the exact phrase I uttered when I saw this. I discovered these guys like 48 hours ago and have been trying ot get more of their stuff. Thanks very much.

voodoorhythm said...


Oh, robot said...

Honestly? I've played the song "Runaway" about sixteen million times. This may be my favorite cover of the century!

Thank you for having a fantastic fuckin' blog!!

I'm not sure why I'm choosing this post to announce this... but I'm going to use the word "fuckin'" or some variation thereof in any post I make in anyone's comment section.

I also love Rock N' Roll.