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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost ghost 7" + Island Ave 7"

So far the Jacuzzi Boys have released a few 7"s with another on the way later this month. Fingers crossed there's a full length in the works because I hope to hear a lot more from these guys. I was instantly reminded of the gritty sound of The Ponys upon hearing these records. The Jacuzzi Boys play a fine mix of fuzzed out garage pop which is evident on both 7"s.

Floridas Dying, 2007
1. Ghost Ghost
2. Age of the Giant Jellyfish
3. Komi Caricoles

Hozac, 2008
1. Island Avenue
2. Dream Lion
3. You Should Know


Anonymous said...

I downloaded this record! Blogs would be a lot more fun if people actually left comments.

ThisIsDanni said...

indeed they would! thanks!

Bovril said...

Thanks a lot, this band's really great!

Andrew Jarrett said...

I am so excited. This band rocks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up these guys !! Really good....

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to purchase Island Ave. for over a year now but mailorders in Germany don't sem to be stocking the single any more. Thanks for providing an alternative.

meg said...

I wish my vag was in their glazin' video.