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Friday, February 25, 2011

Coasting - Various

Not long ago I attended a free gig where Coasting performed as the main act. I made it through the first two acts, but by 12am there were no signs of them performing anytime soon. I bailed. Curse my early wake up calls. I imagine they would have been awesome, though. The duo consists of Fiona, ex-member of now defunct NZ punk outfit The Coolies, and Madison of Brooklyn based Dream Diary.
Their sound reminds me a lot of Vivian Girls' sophomore album, dreamy tunes with some lo-fi grit. Worth checking out.
1. Hots For Teacher
2. Kids
3. Same Old, Same Old
4. Snoozefest
5. What You Want
6. Coasting


Anonymous said...

Fiona Campbell is Vivian Girls's current (and third) drummer.

Thanks, this is cool.

Anonymous said...

where can I find more from this band?