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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Shotgun

Happy new year everybody, I hope that 2010 treated you well!
As the year wrapped up, I was beginning to enjoy a lot of Motown classics, and I imagine that 2011 will see me delving into a lot more rhythm and blues, soul and funk. Shotgun is the first release from Jr. Walker & the All Stars. First released in 1965, the record centers around a funk jazz fusion sound. Some truly great tracks here.

Motown, 1965
1. Cleo's Mood
2. Do The Boomerang
3. Shotgun
4. Road Runner
5. Shake And Fingerpop
6. Shoot Your Shot
7. Tune Up
8. Hot Cha
9. Monkey Jump
10. Tally Ho!
11. Cleo's Back
12. Ain't That The Truth


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