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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 2

Here is a collection of quality tracks that somehow got lost in the crowd. I love discovering records like this, compilations of lesser-known original recordings that represent a certain portion of time or place. It's the closest thing to being there and experiencing the music as it was, and it's especially interesting to hear where modern music genres have stemmed from. This is a solid mix of psych based tracks that sums up the psychedelic era of the '60s really well. The entire series is brilliant, but volume 2 of Psychedelic Unknowns is probably my personal favourite.

Calico Records, 1979
01. The Starfires - I Never Loved Her
02. The Kings Ransom - Shame
03. The Caretakers Of Deception - X + Y = 13
04. The Jury - Who Dat?
05. First Crew To The Moon - Spend Your Life
06. We The People - In The Past
07. The Painted Ship - Frustration
08. The Squires - Going All The Way
09. The Front Line - Got Love
10. The Nobles - Something Else
11. Yesterday's Children - To Be Or Not To Be
12. Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine


salamander said...

this is the shiz. can't stop listening to it. amazing stuff. changed my world.

Diogo P. P. said...

link off