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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moonhearts - S/T LP

I haven't been so good at keeping up with new releases lately, so I don't know if this LP's been getting much buzz, but it's damn good, regardless. Though they've trimmed the band name (was Charlie & The Moonhearts), their raging rock n' roll surf sound has stayed put.
Tic Tac Totally, 2010
1. I Hate Myself
2. I Said
3. Shine
4. Can't Find My Way
5. Never Lose Control
6. Deathstar Pt. 1
7. Deathstar Pt. 2
8. Let Go
9. Eat My Shorts
10. Love Is Gone
11. I Can Go On


Oh, robot said...

I thought this album was good. I got a vinyl copy and was blown away by Death star 1 & 2, but I was missing the vibe of some of their early stuff like Walla Walla or Charlie Moon Style Tycoon...

ThisIsDanni said...

Yeah Death Star 1 & 2 are really good, and I think I Said and Shine are my faves on the album, but Walla Walla Washington is hard to beat, so good!
Thanks for commenting, always appreciated!

Anonymous said...

The link is down