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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liam The Younger - After The Graveyard

For the most part, this is just one man and his guitar. His minimalistic approach to writing and performing result in a totally organic sound. I'm totally in love with this music, it's simplicity and it's basic folk sound stripped down to it's acoustic minimums.
1. Current Joys
2. This Land Pt. 1
3. Ode To Then
4. This Land Pt. 2
5. After the Graveyard
6. Songs Of Living
7. I Will Be Good Pt. 1
8. It Is Good
9. An Easy Place Pt. 1
10. If I Ever Live Alone
11. I Will Be Good Pt. 2
12. Two Sides
13. An Easy Place Pt. 2
14. An Easy Place Pt. 3
15. Sleep Pt. 3


explosion said...

I like this guy. But I prefer 'Clear Skies Over Black River', so this is really good too.

dfbm said...

There is a new song by Liam the Younger. It's really great. check out here:

Anonymous said...