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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Clean - Mister Pop

2009 saw the first original release from The Clean in almost a decade and, during that time, it seems The Clean have had time to evolve in sound. Mister Pop, overall, is more hazy dream pop than the band's earlier work. They've shed the heavy organs, have favoured softer vocals and have adopted a cleaner sound (this pun was unavoidable). It's certainly different from Compilation or Vehicle, but the band have in no way lost any of their appeal.
Arch Hill Records/Merge, 2009
1. Loog
2. Are You Really On Drugs?
3. In The Dreamlife U Need a Rubber Soul
4. Asleep In The Tunnel
5. Back In The Day
6. Moonjumper
7. Factory Man
8. Simple Fix
9. Tensile
10. All Those Notes