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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

REPOST: Thought Creature - Teleport Palace

REPOST: Just 'cause they've been rocking my socks lately.

"Something to check out if you're keen on the sound of surf psychedelia. The debut album from New Zealand three piece, Thought Creature.

Involve, 2008
1. Words Can't Save You
2. Kamakaze TV
3. Shake About
4. Plastic Fantastic
5. Went To A Party
6. One Day I Turned Into A Spider
7. Your Telepathy
8. Swamp Babe
9. Winter Is Over...
10. Favourite New Machine
11. Ice Scream Ice Queen
12. Picnic With The Bears"

Monday, August 17, 2009

White Mystery - Powerglove 7"

Fresh from the oven over at the HoZac Hookup Klub, this single is 1 of 3 7"s from the second batch in the series. This one in particular stood out to me due to it's contrasting grittyness and poppy goodness. It can easily be likened to The Bitters, Pens, or most girl-fronted noise pop bands, really. I've got my fingers crossed for a lot more future releases from this band, very cool.
HoZac, 2009
1. Powerglove
2. Aaron
3. Ye Olde Stone